Klepper is a long tradition

This famous and beloved German made rainwear is made of 100% natural gummi. It is thin, smooth and perfect made to high quality standards.  Altough they have models for Men and Woman, they are worn Unisex.

Klepper is a Cult

They come in different colors and models. Their loved all over the world. For daily wear or rollplay.  

Klepper is a way of life

The feeling and wearing is a experience you will not easy forget! The company did not change the model of his coats from the 1920's up to the end of the 1970's. It is a true legend!


We are NOT representing any brand or maker from the items/clothing offered for sale on our Website! We have no relation with them.  All our items, unless otherwise stated, are vintage and used. Some of them are out of production for more then 40 years.